How he beats you: Boasting loads of talent and the arm-strength and mechanics needed to make all the throws, Mark Sanchez is having a career year. The 6-foot-2, 225-pound USC product already has topped his previous best touchdown total (18 this season) and is on pace to throw for more yards than ever as well. Even when not at his best, Sanchez has the potential to cause the opposing team headaches. Last week, despite completing only 48.6 percent of his passes, Sanchez threw four touchdown passes in a 28-24 win over Buffalo. “I’d say he’s middle of the pack. Definitely not the worst in the league. He’s a capable quarterback,” Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall says. “He’s taken them to a couple AFC Championships, so he definitely knows how to win the big games.”

How to stop him: Despite his talent, Sanchez struggles with consistency and can fold under pressure. When the Jets run a balanced offense and Sanchez isn’t forced to shoulder the load, they encounter success more often than not. But if Sanchez has to carry the team, his effectiveness wanes. “If you can discourage them from running the ball and try to attack the quarterback, he’s a young guy who’s still finding his way. He’s got a lot of talent, but if you can harass him and make him take it all on his shoulders, that’s your best chance to win.”

Bottom line: The goal for the Redskins will be to turn the Jets into a one-dimensional team, because although Sanchez has two talented receivers in Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress, they believe that the young quarterback can be pressured into mistakes. “He doesn’t take as many chances as much as he just gets confused some times,” Hall says. “A lot of times he just comes out and stares a receiver down, tries to throw him the ball. He puts it on those guys to make plays. They haven’t made as many plays this year as they have in previous years.”