While Jim Haslett said in hindsight he wishes he went with a different play-call on a critical third-and-21 play in Monday’s loss at Dallas, the Redskins defensive coordinator still has every confidence in the team’s zero blitz.

Haslett says the Redskins have run the max blitz 10 times this season. “We won nine of them and lost one,” he said. “It’s a great defense, it really is.”

The max blitz has produced a defensive touchdown, two interceptions and a fumble recovery through the team’s first three games. But it also resulted in a 45-yard Tony Romo-to-Dez Bryant gain on Monday, which set up the Cowboys’ game-winning field goal.

“Would you take it back? Of course you would,” Haslett said. “Coaches always second-guess themselves. It’s still a great defense.”

Haslett said he spoke with Dallas coaches following the game and was told Romo’s top option against that particular blitz wasn’t Bryant.

“It was on the fly from what I understand,” he said. “He got the ball, started running for his life and kind of threw it up.”

Bryant beat DeAngelo Hall on the play, and the Redskins cornerback said Wednesday he spoke out of frustration when questioned the play-call immediately following the game.

“He’s an emotional guy and he’s high-strung. He felt bad about the play, and I understand,” Haslett said. “Stuff like that doesn’t bother me. I played the game. I was probably worse than that. I understand.”