Columnist Tom Boswell was not at yesterday’s game in Carolina because he was in Texas covering the World Series, as he rightfully should be every October. The Redskins, though, were on questioners’ minds today during Boz’s weekly chat. In fact, the first five questions he answered were on the Skins. Luckily the Redskins-Panthers game was on TV in Dallas yesterday, so Boz got to watch.

No news flashes, but he did grade John Beck’s performance (We cleaned up his typos):

“I’d give him a “B” at least. MUCH better than Grossman. I’m really looking forward to 10 games of Beck.

“I’m not yet a believer. But I’ve taken “doubter” off my forehead.”

Here’s the rest of Boz’s chat, in case you missed it. Click right here.

Boz should be back with the Redskins in Buffalo Sunday, unless the Series goes seven games. Then we might just give him the day off.