Dueling quarterbacks John Beck and Rex Grossman both say they remain unsure as to which of them will start against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night.

As of Wednesday afternoon at the Redskins’ Welcome Home Luncheon, neither had been told.

"I honestly don't know," said Beck, who was sidelined with a groin injury in the preseason opener but started last week at Indianapolis. "I guess tonight we'll find out."

Said Grossman: "Still waiting. They haven't told us. It is what it is."

Either both have rehearsed their cue cards well, or they legitimately remain in the dark. It seems like the latter, however, because several teammates — including center Will Montgomery — said both quarterbacks alternated with the first team in the Wednesday morning walk-through.

"I guess they're keeping us all guessing," Montgomery said.

Beck and Grossman both said while they would like to start, it ultimately didn't matter because they both will get time with the starters in the first half against Baltimore's first defensive unit.