John Beck is so focused on moving forward from Sunday’s 33-20 loss at Carolina that he initially declined Wednesday to analyze what he learned from his first start as a Redskin, and his first in nearly four years.

“I think it’s a mindset,” Beck said. “That’s why -- I didn’t mean to step on your question there -- but I think if all of us just have the mindset that every day we come out to practice we’re moving forward, not looking back. No rearview mirrors. Just we did our best last week. What happened, happened. Now we’re moving forward.”

Beck throws a pass against Carolina (Scott Halleran/Getty Images).

“I felt like there were some young players that stepped up and made really big plays for us on some third downs,” Beck said Wednesday. “I felt like the offensive line, for being together for three days in the week of practice, we were able to – I feel – protect pretty well. I felt protected pretty well. I felt like I could move around in the pocket, get to my second and third reads.

“And I feel like, for only having a week of practice, this unit, I feel like it’s a big difference now than when we step into this week of practice, because last week was so new. You’re trying to get comfortable with each other, but it’s not going to happen overnight.”

Before Beck took Rex Grossman’s place as the starter during the week heading into the Carolina game, he hadn’t taken a first-team practice snap during a game week all year. But as he heads into his second start Sunday against Buffalo in Toronto, he said he already feels entrenched.

“I’m the guy that goes in there at practice and takes all the reps,” Beck said. “I’m the guy that plays in the games, so I do feel like that right now.”

That will make a difference in this week of practice, he said. It will be much different than when he entered in relief against Philadelphia on Oct. 16.

“I would say the biggest difference would be the week of practice,” Beck said. “In practice, for the Philly week, I still continued to run the scout team. We don’t get our reps. This last week, I got to take all of our reps. We were trying to – all of us – get on the same page, because like I said we had two new linemen, we moved Erik [Cook] over to center. … I’m in at quarterback. That’s going to be a little bit different for the receiver because my ball’s a little bit different. The timing’s going to be a hair different. So those are all things that factored into this kind of group change, and now that we had last week, now this is our second week to kind of go into it and try to get even a more cohesive unit.”