Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said in the moments after Sunday’s 19-11 loss to the San Francisco 49ers that the team will give John Beck his fourth consecutive start at quarterback next week against Miami.

“Yes, we’re going to stick with John,” Shanahan said after Beck went 30 of 47 for 254 yards with one interception and one touchdown against the 49ers. The Redskins’ touchdown came with 1 minute10 seconds remaining, and Washington’s offense was almost completely ineffective before that late drive.

“I thought he did some good things,” Shanahan said. “I think he had some opportunities he’d like to have over, just like most quarterbacks. It’s a learning experience for him. He’s going to get better as time goes on. I thought he had some opportunities to make some big plays in there. I thought he got rid of the ball quick. But like I said, collectively, you got to do it as a team. You got to do it as an offense.”

Beck went 9 for 10 on the Redskins’ touchdown drive, which he finished with a nine-yard scoring pass to Jabar Gaffney. Before that possession, he had completed just 21 of 37 throws. His longest pass was a 17-yard completion to running back Roy Helu, a ball that was batted high in the air by a San Francisco defender.

“Having not won the game, objective number one wasn’t completed,” Beck said. “Looking back on the flow of the game, we obviously didn’t get things going the way we would have liked in the first half, and even at the beginning of the first quarter, and that is something we can improve on.”

Beck was sacked 10 times in last week’s shutout loss to Buffalo, but Sunday he was only sacked once despite the fact he was playing behind a line that included rookie Maurice Hurt, making his first start at left guard.

“The line did protect well today, especially against a team that we knew had a very good front seven,” Beck said. “But you want to get points. That’s the thing we can improve on, because you can’t always put it on the defense.”

Beck is now 0-7 as a starting quarterback in the NFL.