Backup linebacker Edgar Jones described himself as “blessed” to be able to walk away from the hit he suffered while in punt coverage Friday night in Indianapolis.

Jones — a fourth-year pro, who is trying to make the team after signing as a free agent this offseason – was trying to tackle Colts’ punt returner Joe Lefeged when he got blocked in the back and collided head-on with Lefeged.

Jones, who suffered a concussion, lay on the turf for several minutes before being helped off the field.

“I just remember [Lefeged] getting ready to catch the ball and me saying I was going to take him out,” Jones recalled. “I just remember somebody pushing me in the back, and after I got pushed in the back, I didn’t have any control over my body. The next thing I remember was the training staff talking to me.”

Jones had bad headaches for most of Saturday, but said on Sunday that they had mostly gone away. He remained sensitive to the light, however.

“I’m just blessed to be able to walk,” Jones said. “Luckily it wasn’t anything more serious than that. But that’s football. We know there are risks of injuries every time we put on the pads.”