A metal plate and a few screws in his right leg are a constant reminder of what might have been for Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan.

Last season with San Francisco, Morgan averaged 14.7 yards per catch before he broke his leg in Week Five against Tampa Bay. He underwent surgery in October and signed a five-year contract with the Redskins during the offseason.

Morgan said he’s working on getting better each day but acknowledged that it has taken time to get used to the effects of his surgery. He said he’s comfortable with the offense and wants to “catch everything they throw my way.”

“I’m feeling like myself again,” said the 27-year-old Morgan. “As a team, we’re getting better and working hard every day. We have a lot of young talent on this team.”

A product of Virginia Tech and H.D. Woodson high school, Morgan is one of three District natives on the team.

“It was good to finally put the Redskins jersey on,” he said.

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