Portis on the sidelines as the St. Louis Rams defeat the Redskins Sept. 6, 2010. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

During his nine NFL seasons, Portis always wore No. 26, and when the current owner of the Redskins’ No. 26, cornerback Josh Wilson, heard the news about Portis, he saw an opportunity to make some money.

“I was saying if he wanted to buy his jersey back, his number is available,” said Wilson, who took over No. 26 when he signed with the team during the 2011 offseason, months after Portis was released by the team.

When Portis joined the Redskins in 2005, the jersey was owned by safety Ifeanyi Ohalete, and the running back agreed to pay $40,000 for it, in two installments. (Ohalete was cut before Portis paid him the second $20,000 installment, and the two had a legal dispute over the matter).

Wilson was asked how much Portis would have to pay for the jersey, and he chuckled. He then said, “He made a lot of money, know what I mean? I know he still has a lot. This is my second year, and I’m a starter, so it’s going to cost him a nice bit.”

Wilson then looked into the cameras in front of him and said, “C.P., if you’re listening, talk to me, man. I heard it’s at 2:30, we can talk at 2. It’s all good. I’m willing to sacrifice. I’ll wear 25 or 24 for a day.”

Reminded that Tim Hightower wears No. 25, and DeJon Gomes wears No. 24, and that he might have to pay them, Wilson laughed, walked off and said, “Naw, bump that.”

Wilson did have a serious moment, when he offered congratulations to the second-leading rusher in Redskins history.

“He had some great years here,” Wilson said. “I’m glad he’s getting the honor to be able to retire and have a good standing with the team.”