Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, left, is hoping for a battle between quarterbacks John Beck, center, and Rex Grossman, should Grossman sign with the team. Grossman currently is still a free agent. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Gone is Donovan McNabb, and now Shanahan’s focus is on John Beck and soon – he expects – Rex Grossman as well.

Beck directed the Redskins’ offense in training camp on Friday while Grossman remains a free agent, but Shanahan said he believes Washington will complete a deal with Grossman very shortly.

Head coach Mike Shanahan gave Beck a strong vote of confidence after the draft, but stopped short of declaring him the starter although it is believed that the coach plans to go with the Brigham Young product.

Kyle Shanahan said, however, that whenever Grossman — who played in Houston in 2009 while the coach held the same position there — does sign and is cleared to practice, that the two quarterbacks will get a fair shot at the job.

“I’m hoping we can get Rex in here and I want him to battle for the job. It’s going to be a great battle,” Shanahan said. “They’re both capable. Rex showed he’s capable last year, John has shown he is capable in practice and off his college tape and the few opportunities he has had in the NFL and I’m excited for them to get a shot together. I know they’ve got to go through contract stuff, but we’ve got to get him in here and I want those guys to compete and we’ll go with the best one.”

Kyle Shanahan said he doesn’t expect to make a decision early in the preseason.

“The competition’s going to take a while, especially because we haven’t been able to evaluate them,” Shanahan said. “And even when [Grossman signs], he still can’t practice until a week from now. So it’s going to still take a little while. We’ll give both these guys their fair shot and see which one steps up.”

Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan admittedly is relieved now that the Redskins traded McNabb to the Vikings.

McNabb was benched twice last season – the final time being for the last three games of the season – and the quarterback’s agent had blasted both Mike and Kyle Shanahan for mishandling and disrespecting McNabb.

Kyle Shanahan maintained late last season that those claims were false, and while he hasn’t talked to McNabb since the end of the season, he is glad to be able to move on.

“Yeah, definitely. For him and for us,” Shanahan said. “When it drags out through the lockout, and any time you don’t know and it drags on for him and myself, you just don’t know what’s going to happen and you want to know so you can get ready.”

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