Washington Redskins strong safety LaRon Landry said his strained left Achilles’ tendon feels better this week after he sat out Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. He added that he looks forward to returning to the field in Seattle, if Mike Shanahan will allow him.

“I feel a lot better. Like I said before, when it started aggravating me, I knew it was something that was going to nag me for the duration of each week,” said Landry, who missed seven games last season with microtears in the same tendon. “Just pounding on it caught up to me, and it got a little sore and aggravated. Flared up and I let it wait and settle down to being manageable. At this point, the latter part of the season, I think it’s going to be a little achy. It just depends on how achy. It feels good this week. I’m looking forward to playing on Sunday. Can’t wait.”

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush leaps just short of the end zone as LaRon Landry defends Nov. 13. (AP Photo/Hans Deryk)

But on Monday Shanahan said that without practicing, it is difficult to play well.

“Normally, if guys can’t practice Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the chance of them playing well on game day, at least in my experience, is slim and none,” Shanahan said. “A lot of times you’ll have guys missing Wednesday and Thursday, not a lot of times, but sometimes and, all of a sudden on Friday, they feel pretty good. Then, you have to evaluate them depending on what player it is...A lot depends on what type of experience, what type of player he is, what your gut is on how he handles situations like that. So there’s all different types of scenarios. Usually the players that play the best have at least practiced.”

Landry said Wednesday he wouldn’t “do too much politicking,” for playing time.

“I don’t really do too much talking,” Landry said. “If he feels comfortable putting me in the game plan to play on Sunday, that’s what I’m going to do. But I’m going to trust my body and communicate with them and whatever he decides, it’s on them.”

Landry has played without going through full weeks of practice previously in his career. Last season, after he first suffered the injury in Week 6 against Indianapolis, he played three more weeks despite taking only practice reps on Fridays. After Week 9, the tendon was too painful for him to walk normally, and he was shut down for the whole season.

The safety said Wednesday morning that he planned to practice Wednesday, but added that he does believe that he could remain effective on limited practice time.

“If I don’t practice no day, I’m not going to forget how to play on a Sunday,” said Landry, who this season has 44 tackles, half a sack and a forced fumble. “I don’t forget how to play football. It all depends on the coaching staff and if they want me to play.”