Washington Redskins strong safety LaRon Landry confirmed that he will miss his team’s season opener against the New York Giants on Sunday after a setback in his rehab of a strained right hamstring. The safety also backtracked on tweets he posted that criticized the team’s medical staff. Instead, Landry took full responsibility for the setback, which he experienced while running Saturday.

Redskins' safety LaRon Landry , left, works out his injured Achilles tendon under the observation of Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Chad Enbglehart during training camp. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Landry said on Twitter Tuesday that he would’ve been on the field two weeks ago had it not been for mishandling by the team’s medical staff. He deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, and on Wednesday changed his tune.

“It was all my fault, it was unprofessional and I take full blame for it. It was just a little frustration coming out. I’m ready to play and it’s been a while, so I hope y’all understand where I’m coming from.”

Landry said he experienced the setback while taking part in a portion of Saturday’s practice. He indicated that he had an MRI done Tuesday, and that confirmed his fears.

“I’ve been progressing, but I went in yesterday for an appointment and they had something on the image that showed a setback,” Landry said. “Achilles and everything’s fine. No question about the Achilles, showed them my wrist [which also was operated on this offseason] and it’s fine.”

Landry admitted that he had spoken with the team’s athletic trainer, Larry Hess, since calling his assistants a “circus staff” in the tweet.

“We talked,” Landry said. “It wasn’t the best communication we had. It wasn’t a good conversation, but we talked today and we’re going to get past it and day-by-day is progress.”

Landry said he – not the trainers – pushed himself too hard.

“I really tried to gauge it and see what I can do and I wound up hurting myself more. I personally think I pushed it too hard. Personally, I did. It’s nothing the training staff did. I take full responsibility,” the fifth-year pro said. “I’m not the type of guy that likes to half-ass it in practice. I’m not going at 50 percent, I’m not going at 80 percent. All I know is 130 percent, full-speed and I like to practice at game speed. I was feeling great and thought I could push it a bit and I tugged it.”

Asked if he was disappointed that he will miss at least the first week of the season and possibly beyond, Landry replied, “I’m more than that. I can’t say what I want to say. But you can figure out where I’m coming from.”