Sure, the dust has barely settled from the roster cutdown to 75 from 90, and the fourth preseason game isn’t until Wednesday. But you’ve already started posting your final 53-man roster projections, so why wait on making it the topic du jour?

Quarterback (3) -- Robert Griffin III, Rex Grossman, Kirk Cousins. I know Mike Shanahan has gone with just two quarterbacks in the past, and it’s an easy place to get back a roster spot when you don’t want to make a tough decision at another spot, but Rex is too valuable to let walk. You might not want to ride with him for a full season, but he knows the system and can win you a few games in a pinch.

Running back (4) -- Tim Hightower, Evan Royster, Roy Helu Jr., Alfred Morris. The problem with Morris’s big game against the Colts is that he’s no longer far enough under the radar to hope to sneak through to the practice squad. He might even be competing for carries in Week 1 at this point. Seems unwise to go without a fullback in Darrel Young. The choice is between him and tight end Chris Cooley, who will take snaps at fullback.

Wide receiver (6) -- Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, Leonard Hankerson, Santana Moss, Dezmon Briscoe, Brandon Banks. Tough decisions have to be made here. Some people might prefer Aldrick Robinson over Banks, who is still basically a return specialist and nothing more. But Robinson is eligible for another year on the practice squad. Armstrong wasn’t healthy enough and Austin didn’t show enough this preseason.

Tight end (4) -- Fred Davis, Chris Cooley, Niles Paul, Logan Paulsen. Four tight ends is a lot, but on this roster, Cooley is the only fullback. I could see Cooley being traded, but not outright cut, even with his salary and even with the other talented tight ends on the roster. In the end, it’s a choice between Cooley and Darrel Young, and I kept the more versatile player.

Offensive line (9) -- Trent Williams, Kory Lichtensteiger, Will Montgomery, Chris Chester, Tyler Polumbus, Maurice Hurt, Adam Gettis, Tom Compton, Willie Smith. Plenty of room to quibble here, as I let third-round pick Josh LeRebius go instead of the also-practice-squad-eligible tackles Smith and Compton. The Redskins might make a decision between those two instead, and in the end, may carry two or three O-linemen on the practice squad.

Defensive line (6) -- Adam Carriker, Kedrick Golston, Barry Cofield, Chris Baker, Stephen Bowen, Jarvis Jenkins. Chris Neild’s ACL injury left just Cofield and Baker as the nose tackles, and leave the D-line as one of the areas with little suspense.

Outside linebacker (4) -- Ryan Kerrigan, Chris Wilson, Brian Orakpo, Rob Jackson. Markus White is my last roster cut here.

Inside linebacker (4) -- London Fletcher, Perry Riley, Lorenzo Alexander, Keenan Robinson. Bryan Kehl might make the team -- he’s listed ahead of Robinson on the depth chart on the team website, for whatever that’s worth -- but the team invested a fourth-round pick in Robinson. Kehl had chances at interceptions in the first two preseason games, but couldn’t come up with them.

Cornerback (5) -- DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson, Cedric Griffin, Brandyn Thompson, Richard Crawford. The Kevin Barnes trade signals that the Redskins like some of their younger corners. I wish I had some great insight on why they like Thompson and Crawford instead of Travon Bellamy and David Jones (who isn’t all that young), but I based it on the two who good things seem to be written about most often. Open to hearing better reasons.

Safety (5) -- Brandon Meriweather, Madieu Williams, Tanard Jackson, DeJon Gomes, Reed Doughty. Since I kept Banks, I keep an extra safety to fill a role on coverage units.

Specialists (3) -- Graham Gano, Sav Rocca, Nick Sundberg.

That’s 26 offense, 24 defense and three specialists.

I saw where TWISI and jgarrisn posted projected rosters on the Insider yesterday. The rest of you, definitely include your quibbles with my 53, or post your projections below.

Feeling welcomed

I’m very humbled by the welcome I received yesterday. It usually takes some time to earn the respect of an active communities, but you guys opened your arms.

I don’t think I’m ready for haiku though.

Monday there were 11 blog posts and 1,588 comments — 450 on the Jammal Brown post alone. That’s a heck of a day.

It also means that as much as I read, I didn’t see everything. I’ll try to keep up, but if I miss something, I apologize. If it’s important, you can e-mail me:

There was a Post Sports training session on Monday about some of the changes afoot for our blogs. It’s functionality stuff I think you’ll welcome, and it you should start seeing the upgrades very soon. If you’re a fan of the Post’s political blogs, the way those look are how The Insider will soon look.

Best of the blog

Part of the Opening Kick deal is to highlight some of your best work, not just mine. Monday I asked how often you’d like to see RGIII run. I was thinking about mostly when plays break down, but there were good points made about designed runs:


I want Griff to run as often as he needs to in order to feel the flow of his game. I think he’s right when he’s said that you can’t avoid running just to avoid being hurt, b/c then you play tight and fearful. fI’d actually love to see him do alot of “safe” runs - gaining yards on bootlegs/play action when the field is open and he can go out of bounds. Don’t want to see him trying to juke his way up the middle past LBs and Dlinemen

Another one I enjoyed:


I think we need to see more of the offense before we can really begin to determine how much we want RG3 to run. He looked good when he’s done so this preseason, but they haven’t really shown off the bootlegs that much where he will potentially have alot of open field in front of him if no one is open. I can’t wait to see what this offense can potentially do when they open it up.

There were truly a ton of good posts on this topic, way too many to highlight. On slower days, maybe I’ll comb through them more carefully to pick some out.

Anybody else notice ...

RGIII on Twitter Monday night retweeting anyone who tweeted ‘Music is the Heartbeat of the World?’

Wasn’t attached to any product or promotion that I could tell. Your hometown QB really believes that.

Can’t knock that.

Today’s reason to keep on hating the Cowboys

Jerrah raps?

From our friends over at The Early Lead (which has pretty much been all NFL news lately).

I honestly couldn’t even click play. But that still gets a ‘c'mon son.’

In case you missed something yesterday

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