Donovan McNabb has taken his licks this week. First Bernard Hopkins questioned his blackness. And that was followed by an alleged wristband controversy -- yet another twist in the ugly, slowly-played-out divorce of quarterback and team.

On Friday, former Redskin Dexter Manley said the team shouldn’t have brought the quarterback aboard last year in a trade with Philadelphia.

“When Donovan came here, I wasn’t so sure that was the right choice, because he was already 33 turning 34 and I looked at his turnover speed and how he moved; he didn’t have that fluid movement,” the former defensive end said while at Redskins Park for the team-sponsored 4th & Life High School Football Forum. Manley, Gary Clark and LaVar Arrington offered life and football advice to roughly 100 area high school players.

“When he was scrambling, he was struggling” Manley said of McNabb. “He compared himself age wise to guys like Brett Favre and John Elway. He probably has some stats, but doesn’t have the wins and losses (of that) collective group behind him. … McNabb took a beating. Jason Campbell took a beating. The guy got sacked 47 times, but kept getting up. McNabb can’t take that beating 47 times. He can barely take more than 15 licks. It’s the right choice to send him on his way.”

Manley was asked what he thought of Hopkins’ comments about McNabb, and he replied, “He’s punch drunk. He’s like 40 years old thinking he’s still 20 and wants to box. Sooner or later, you have to find something else to do.”