After spending all of training camp and the first two weeks of the preseason working exclusively as a tight end, 12th-year veteran Mike Sellers will see some time back at fullback – the position he has held for the Redskins over the last six seasons, coach Mike Shanahan said Monday.

When camp kicked off, Shanahan told Sellers that he wanted him to work with the tight ends. Second-year Villanova product Darrel Young would be taking the first-team snaps at fullback. Shanahan said he told Sellers that later in the preseason he would be evaluated at fullback.


“We’re going to work [Sellers] at that fullback position this week, and also at the tight end and the H-back position,” Shanahan said. “I told Mike when [training camp] first got started, that I had to get a chance to see D.Y. practice a couple weeks with the first team, see how he plays and see if he takes advantage of the opportunity having never played fullback before [last year] and not getting a lot of reps. It’s really helped Mike at the tight end and H-back position, and now he’s got to be ready at all three positions; be ready at fullback in the second half and also at the tight end and H-back position and special teams as well.”

Asked how Young, who this preseason has two catches for a total of 27 yards, has done in his audition, Shanahan said, “D.Y. is an excellent fullback, I can tell you that after being around him the first couple of weeks. He’s very smart, very competitive. It’s hard to find guys in that 250-pound range that can block and catch the ball like he can. I think everybody saw one of those runs where he caught the ball in the flat and then made an excellent run. Not many fullbacks can make that type of play at that size, so hopefully he can just keep getting better.”

Sellers had little to say about this week’s expanded role except: “I do everything, bro.”