Immediately following the Redskins loss on Sunday, Coach Mike Shanahan disagreed with the notion that the Carolina Panthers had seized the momentum by stopping Washington on fourth-and-2 at the Carolina 47-yard line. But the coach acknowledged Monday that the play call was a bad choice.

On the failed play, quarterback John Beck, trailing 9-6, lined up in the shotgun and took the snap. Carolina linebacker James Anderson blitzed up the middle virtually untouched and sacked Beck for a 7-yard loss.

Beck said there may have been some mixup in the protection assignments. But Shanahan conceded that although he would go for it on fourth-down in that situation again, he and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan didn’t put Beck in the best position to succeed on that play.

“We just gave a bad play, to be honest with you,” the coach said Monday afternoon. “Every once in a while, you’ll do that. They had a good blitz and they caught us a little off balance. We had a missed assignment in there and they got a little bit of penetration. Without the proper call, he didn’t have anybody open, so sometimes that turns into a sack.”

Following the sack, Carolina went 57 yards in two plays to score its first touchdown of the game.