Rex Grossman started the last three games of the 2010 season and John Beck has yet to take a regular season snap for the Redskins, but coach Mike Shanahan said he doesn’t consider Grossman to have a significant edge over Beck when it comes to knowledge and experience in the team’s offense.

Grossman was introduced to the system Kyle Shanahan runs as a backup in Houston during the 2009 season and followed the offensive coordinator to Washington last offseason. Beck, meanwhile, spent last season learning the system as Washington’s third-string quarterback.

Shanahan is pleased with how Grossman has played in practices and in last Friday’s game against Pittsburgh. But he doesn’t see much difference in the quarterbacks’ experience in the offense.

“Rex Grossman, when he was at Houston, it was in the offseason, it wasn’t early. Once he got to the season, it was more mental [experience] than it was physical,” Shanahan said alluding to the fact that Grossman appeared in only one game for the Texans and attempted only nine passes. “Once he got there, I’m not sure how many reps he did have, if he had any, maybe a few reps. But it was more mental than anything.”

Grossman and Beck both have good handles on the offense, the coach insists. Strong study habits have been key for both quarterbacks, Shanahan says. And work in the playbook and film room is what has enabled Beck to catch up to Grossman.

“These quarterbacks – John and Rex – they’re students of the game,” Shanahan said. “They study, and now they have to go out and play. And so we’re going to evaluate them on everything they do, they’ve got a chance to compete against each other and they’re both doing a great job.”