Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that although the season has yet to come to an end, he already has begun evaluating the top college quarterbacks.

Shanahan said he makes a habit of evaluating college quarterback play at the start of each day, watching tapes given to him by the team’s pro and college scouts.

“I’ve already looked at 10 or 15 of them,” Shanahan said Friday afternoon. “I’ll take half-hour a day, early in the morning. The tapes are made up. I’ll look at maybe 75, 80 plays of just a guy throwing the football in game situations and so that’s most of the passes, or at least the good passes during the season, just so I get a feel for the guy.”

Shanahan said he “usually” starts breaking down quarterback midway through the season. Midway through the season was the same time that the coach benched John Beck after three games and went back to Rex Grossman.

“You’ve got names, but some times you can’t relate to how a guy’s playing because you hear a lot about it on TV, but a lot of it’s hype and not evaluation,” Shanahan said. “So, you like to go back and kind of put the play with the name.”

Shanahan didn’t share any insight on what he thinks of the upcoming quarterback draft class.