Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he remains confident in cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who criticized himself after giving up a third-and-15 pass to Dez Bryant to set up the Dallas Cowboys’ game-winning field goal in overtime Sunday. The coach said that more than poor coverage led to the big play.

Hall said that in his opinion, he deserved to be cut because of that breakdown, and because he gave up a big play to Bryant earlier this year as well. Shanahan said Hall spoke out of frustration, and although the cornerback’s view of the circumstances might not be completely accurate, he likes Hall’s mindset.

“He’s a professional and he works very hard at his craft,” Shanahan said. “Two very different type scenarios. One was an all-out blitz, kind of ran like a little stutter at the line of scrimmage, more of a hot receiver. It was a broken play and Tony [Romo] did a great job of throwing the ball up. This was different. This was double coverage. And all of a sudden, we had someone on the inside, and all of a sudden somebody trips, they make a play. Take a look at the rush. We had a chance to pin them inside and not even get that. Had a chance to have the sack. A lot of things go into a play not working, not just the coverage,”

“You want players that play with the mindset of perfection,” Shanahan continued. “When you do give up the play, regardless of what the play is, you want to take it very personal. And I think a number of our players do that on our football team, which gives you the chance to get better. If you don’t have that type of mindset, and you say ‘Hey, it’s just another play,’ then you’re not made of the right stuff.”

Shanahan said he believes that Hall will soon have the chance to redeem himself.

“DeAngelo is going to come back and look and talk about the technique and what things we can do to get better,” Shanahan said. “I believe he had 11 tackles in that game, and played extremely hard. I don’t like people to get down on themselves, but at the same time I like people to be tough on themselves. I’ve got a lot of belief in DeAngelo that he’ll come back and play extremely hard and take advantage of his opportunities next time he’s on the field.”