The Redskins’ newest tight end, Richard Quinn, actually had plans to be wearing burgundy and gold a week earlier than he was signed.

He had a tryout at Redskins Park last month, he said, and finally got the call last Thursday that a contract was waiting for him in Ashburn. Quinn left his North Carolina home and got about halfway up Interstate 95 before his phone rang again.

The Redskins told him to report the following Monday instead, so Quinn turned around near Stony Creek, Va., and went back home for a couple of days.

“Once I got the call, I was like, ‘cool, I’ll just go back and continue to work.’ ...I wasn’t worried at all,” Quinn said.

The Redskins followed through and added Quinn to the 53-man roster this week. The 6-foot-4, 258-pound Quinn is the third tight end on the Redskins’ roster, joining Logan Paulsen and Dominique Byrd.

Quinn originally was drafted by Denver in the second round in 2009 draft. He had only four starts in 29 games and posted just one reception. He was waived on Aug. 26, 2011, from the Broncos’ reserve/injured list.

“It’s just part of the business,” Quinn said. “Everybody has needs. Apparently, that wasn’t for me at the time.”

He’s spent this fall healing his knee -- Quinn says he’s 100 percent -- and attending tryouts.

“I’ve been to eight or nine different teams in a seven-week period,” Quinn said. “I’ve been on the road every week, going everywhere, flying cross-country.”

The Redskins only have three games remaining, and Quinn says he’s eager to make the most of each one.

“The opportunity is here,” he said. “I thank Coach Shanahan for allowing me to come here and be with this program. I want to show him everything I can in this period of time. As we progress into the offseason, I definitely want to train and get in the best shape I can possibly be.”

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