All concerns over a sub-6-foot-2 height measurement for Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III can now be laid to rest.

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback measured 6 feet, 2 3 / 8 inches at the NFL Scouting Combine this morning. He weighed in at 223 pounds.

Griffin this past season was listed as 6-2, 220 pounds, but there were suspicions that he was shorter, and more likely around 6 feet tall. Height hasn’t been a problem for Drew Brees and Michael Vick, but there’s not a strong track record of success for other quarterbacks 6 feet tall or shorter.

Plenty of quarterbacks 6-2 or taller have struggled in the league, of course, but Friday’s measurement for Griffin allows teams to cross off a possible question mark.

Griffin, who projects to fit well into the Redskins’ system, and his fellow quarterbacks are scheduled today to go through medical and psychological exams, and interviews with the media and with teams.

Stanford’s Andrew Luck is fully expected to go first overall to the Colts, but there’s a buzz about Griffin similar to that of Cam Newton last year.

Griffin’s skills have been compared to Newton’s, but Carolina Panthers Coach Ron Rivera, who ended up drafting Newton first overall last season, says those comparisons aren’t exactly accurate.

“I have seen Robert, and in my opinion, he tends to run around a little bit more than Cam, and it’s by design,” Rivera said. “I think Cam – we try to use him more in the pocket. Sure, we did have some runs that we did use with him, but you know, just watching Robert, you see a guy that’s very athletic, very quick. Some of his physical traits, the way he plays the game, reminds me a little bit of Michael Vick as opposed to a Cam Newton type of guy.”

Rivera continued: “I think Michael creates and makes plays running the ball a little bit more. I think Cam tends to be a little bit more of a passer. He tries to be a pocket passer. Michael’s got a great arm and he flicks it out there as great as anyone in the league. That’s what you see from Robert as well when you put that type of tape on.”


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