Editor’s note: Wide receiver Niles Paul, drafted by the Redskins in the fifth round out of Nebraska, is keeping a weekly diary for The Post about his efforts to cope with the NFL lockout and make the team.

Roy Helu called me this week and told me that the Huskers summer workouts were starting and wanted me to join them with him and Prince Amukamara.

(Photo by Mark Petinga)

So I decided that I’m going to continue to work out with my trainer, because so far he has done a good job at keeping me in shape and football savvy.

Everyone keeps asking me questions about what I know about the lockout and when it’s going to end. I always have to explain to them that I’m just as much out of the loop as they are and when the lockout is over, they might know before I do.

All this talk recently about the lockout coming to an end on ESPN is not making things any better because everyone I know is looking at me for answers, and I do not have a clue.

All my life my dream was to make it to the NFL and I did that, but lately I haven’t been feeling like too much of an NFL player. I feel like that kid who graduated college too soon and didn’t have a plan.

I currently sleep on my parents’ couch in the basement because I didn’t re-sign the lease on my apartment. I was optimistic that things were going to get figured out sooner than later, but I guess I was wrong.

I love spending time with my family but I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to do this. No bed, no room and chores doesn’t sound like the life of an NFL player to me.