The Redskins ran through their final practice of the week Tuesday, and the players’ bye week officially begins on Wednesday. The team’s next practice won’t take place until Monday morning, when the team will begin preparation for its Oct. 16 meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Most players were scattering across the country to their hometowns, while some were remaining in the area. Some will continue reporting to Redskins Park for treatment of various injuries.

Coach Mike Shanahan didn’t load his players down with a bunch of instructions, but he did tell them to stay in shape.

“These guys have come in in very good shape, coming into camp, even with the lockout. So I’ve asked them to at least get a couple good days of running in,” Shanahan said Tuesday. “I told them God’s watching. We have to go by the honor system. We’ve got guys that understand that we’re four games into this season. We’ve got a lot to get done. We’ll let their bodies rest, mentally probably get away from football a little bit, even though some may watch it on the weekend. But when they come back Monday they’ll be ready to go against Philly.”

Most Redskins players said they’re looking forward to resting their bodies after roughly 10 straight weeks of pounding. Then they will gear up for another 12 weeks of action.

Shanahan and his coaches will continue to work for another couple of days to do some evaluating of the team and planning for the next game.

Coaches will look at tape of the Eagles for a couple of days, “then I want the coaches to get out of here too,” Shanahan said. “They’ll definitely get at least four days. I want them to get away, because they’re putting in a lot of hours. Time to put in with their family. Just want them to get away.”