Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said linebacker Brian Orakpo’s injury is a pectoral strain as previously believed, but he doesn’t yet know how long it will take to heal.

Receiver Leonard Hankerson’s target date for return to full-speed action is April 1, Shanahan said. Hankerson is recovering from a torn labrum in his hip.

Shanahan said that as of now, there are no other players scheduled for offseason surgeries.

Shanahan said he never addresses the team on the final day, but instead lets his post-game speech stand as his last words of the season. He did have some individual meetings with some players, most of them at the request of the player, he said.

He responded to lineman Sean Locklear’s criticism of the team’s exit meeting on Twitter by saying: “I apologize Sean, it’ll never happen again... at least not with me.”

Shanahan expects to be active in the offseason as he works to upgrade the roster.

Shanahan said despite struggles on special teams (five blocked field goals, one blocked extra point attempt and inconsistent return games), he thinks special teams coach Danny Smith “has done a great job. You look at his body of work, not just this season.”

Shanahan said hobbled tackle Jammal Brown will spend most of the offseason in the area rehabbing to strengthen his hip, and said the lineman’s future hinges on his ability to recover.

Shanahan said the 5-11 season took a toll on him, but that he’s “excited” and “extremely motivated” to work through the struggles and turn the team around.

Shanahan said owner Dan Snyder “has been very, very supportive. He wants to do it the right way ... And I appreciate his support.”

Shanahan declined to confirm or deny a report that Rocky McIntosh missed curfew in Philadelphia Saturday. “I don’t get into that. Obviously, Rocky didn’t dress for the game and there was a reason for that.”