The Washington Redskins are $4.95 million under the salary cap, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. That figure does not include Monday’s signing of free agent linebacker Bryan Kehl.

The Redskins have not filed any contract restructurings since reworking center Will Montgomery’s deal to clear about $2 million in salary cap space last month, according to cap records.

The Redskins lost $18 million in salary cap space for the upcoming season when the NFL last month reduced the team’s total by $36 million over two years. The league found that the Redskins tried to gain an unfair competitive advantage by the way they structured players’ contracts in 2010, when pro football had no salary cap.

The Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, who had their cap reduced by $10 million over two years, have denied wrongdoing and have challenged the salary cap cuts via an arbitration case.

The NFL announced Monday that it was increasing the offseason roster limit from 80 to 90 players per team, effective Tuesday. But during the offseason, only a team’s 51 most expensive players count against the salary cap. So the roster increase shouldn’t have significant salary cap implications.