The NFL announced Friday evening that the Washington Redskins were one of 23 teams to receive a compensatory pick in this April’s draft.

A total of 32 compensatory picks were awarded. The NFL generally gives compensatory picks to teams for players lost to free agency. The draft choices are in the third and seventh rounds.

Eleven teams -- including Washington -- received compensatory selections even though they didn’t lose players to free agency last year. The NFL uses a formula to determine which teams are eligible for one of those draft choices.

The Redskins’ compensatory pick is a seventh-rounder -- 252nd overall. It gives them three choices in the seventh round.

Washington now has eight total picks in this year’s draft. The Redskins will pick 10th overall, and then again in the second round (41st overall), but they don’t pick again until the fifth round. They also have two sixth-round selections.