With the end of the NFL lockout after more than four months of discussions and details, Washington Post Redskins reporter Rick Maese answered reader questions about the Redskins’ next moves, the new labor agreement and more.

The majority of reader questions were about who the Redskins were going to go after in the shortened free-agency period. Maese said the team was “positioned to be aggressive” in free agency, which was a good place to be since the team had so many holes to fill.

With training camp just a few days away, the likelihood of Donovan McNabb remaining a Redskin was a popular topic as well, though Maese didn’t think too highly of that possibility.

“If McNabb doesn’t have a role on this year’s team, then it does the Redskins no good to have him in camp this weekend and taking up a roster spot and filling one of the lockers. So my best guess is that they’ll be burning up the phones the next couple of days to try to move McNabb.”

Other chat highlights:

What is Washington’s biggest need in free agency?

Will there be an 18-game regular season in the future?

Which of the team’s unsigned players will be back this season?