Pierre Garcon after his touchdown against the Bills Aug. 9. (Gary Wiepert/AP)

Garcon isn’t making a big deal of it.

“It’s a football game,” he said Tuesday. “We’ve got to do our best job out there and play well and put stuff on tape that we can build from.”

After spending his first four NFL seasons with the Colts, Garcon signed a five-year, $42.5 million contract with the Redskins on the opening day of free agency in March. That came after Garcon reportedly rejected a five-year, approximately $35 million offer from the Colts before free agency began.

Garcon said Tuesday that his original preference had been to remain with the Colts.

“I gave a lot of consideration” to staying there, he said. “That was my first option. I never wanted to leave Indianapolis. That was my first option, to stay there. But, you know, football is football. Things happen and hopefully it works out the best.”

The Colts have remade themselves after releasing quarterback Peyton Manning in the offseason and replacing him with rookie Andrew Luck, the top overall selection in the NFL draft in April. The Colts also said goodbye to other offensive mainstays such as tight end Dallas Clark, tailback Joseph Addai and center Jeff Saturday. But they did retain one of their core offensive players by re-signing wide receiver Reggie Wayne in free agency.

Some were surprised that Wayne chose to re-sign with the Colts for their retooling phase. But Garcon said Wayne’s decision didn’t surprise him.

“No, I know Reggie wanted to be there as well,” Garcon said. “Everybody wants to stay there. It’s home. It’s all Reggie knew, all I knew. It was his first option as well, staying in Indianapolis. They love him. He loves Indianapolis. I wasn’t surprised that he went back.”

There was speculation at one point that Manning, Wayne and Garcon could sign with the same team in free agency. But that never materialized. Manning is now in Denver. Garcon said it never was a consideration.

“That was far from the truth,” he said. “It was the offseason. They needed something to talk about, so I guess that’s why that story came up.”