With the first round of the NFL Draft slated to begin Thursday night, we’ll take a look this week at the prospects the Redskins may be targeting with the 10th overall pick and gauge the likelihood of each landing in Washington. Check back all week for updates.

Player: Quarterback Ryan Mallett, Arkansas.

Basics: At 6-foot-6 and 238 pounds, Mallett has the physical stature the Redskins prefer in a quarterback. He threw for more than 3,500 yards in each of the past two seasons for the Razorbacks, setting school records for career yards and touchdowns.

Why he might fit: Most expect the Redskins to use one of their first two picks on a quarterback. Mallet has a strong arm -- perhaps the strongest in the draft -- and shouldn’t have any problems with a vertical passing game. Nearly one-quarter of his college completions were for 20 yards or more. If the Redskins don’t chase a quarterback with the No. 10 selection, Mallett might be the most likely quarterback still available when Washington picks again at No. 41.

Why he might not: There’s a lot of smoke around Mallett and his character. When coaches see any sort of red flags around a quarterback in particular, there’s plenty of cause for concern. Shanahan likes to know what makes his quarterbacks tick and if there are any questions about Mallet’s focus or priorities, he wouldn’t be long for Washington. Plus, moving from a college spread offense could prove to be a tough adjustment.

Likelihood Redskins draft him (scale of 1 to 10): 1. Mallett has seen his stock drop in the past few months and he likely won’t hear his name called until the second round. Even if he’s around when the Redskins pick Friday, he doesn’t seem to have the intangibles Shanahan wants out of a signal-caller to go with his physical tools.