Albert Haynesworth had a rather small circle of friends during his two seasons as a member of the Washington Redskins, but didn’t really have a bad relationship with any of his teammates.

Still, Redskins players on Friday expressed contentment that Mike Shanahan had sent No. 92 packing – trading him to New England the day before.

Said fellow defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday: “I wish things worked out differently. Albert’s a guy -- he’s a friend -- he’s a guy who can certainly help a football team. Now that he’s not here, it’s a big talent missed. But at the same time, we got to have some guys step up. Can’t cry over spilled milk. But I wish him luck where he goes and hopefully he can find some happiness.”

Holliday was one of the players Haynesworth was closest to. Another teammate that occasionally stood up for Haynesworth publicly was DeAngelo Hall. But the cornerback said the move had to be made.

“I think it was best for everybody to agree to disagree,” Hall said. “He’s no longer a Washington Redskin now. So we wish him well.”

This time last year, Haynesworth and Shanahan co-starred in a circus-like start to training camp. The player had refused to report to any offseason workouts – even the mandatory minicamps. And because of it, the coach required he pass a conditioning test – which Haynesworth failed repeatedly – before he would allow him to practice.

Then throughout the season, the question was whether or not Shanahan deemed him fit enough to play in games. Finally Haynesworth was made inactive shortly before Game 12 at New York, and he was suspended for the final four games of the season.

Teammates had to ask questions about the situation throughout the season and Haynesworth himself routinely declined comment. But now, all of the parties involved can move on.

“I’m sure he’s happy now,” linebacker London Fletcher said. “The organization’s happy. We don’t have to answer questions on a day-to-day basis.”