Washington Redskins players are planning to hold a third round of group workouts later this month, most likely from June 14 to June16, according to several players.

The Redskins gathered last week for three days at a high school in Northern Virginia, where 41 players were in attendance the first two days and 39 showed up the final day. The first round of informal workouts in April drew roughly 20 players the first day and 30 players the second day.

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said that he wasn’t yet sure how many players are expected to show up at the session later this month.

When they gather, the Redskins will do their best to continue learning and re-learning their offensive and defensive systems. Last week, the players, using copies of scripts and playbooks given to them by coaches on April 29th, the day the NFL’s lockout was briefly lifted, were able to go over instructions that would have been covered on the first and second days of a normal organized team activity session. That included running positional, 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills.

Veterans said that the session helped shake off “mental rust,” from a long offseason that has been devoid of activity led by coaches.

“Obviously [without coaches], you can’t correct a whole lot of stuff out there on the field, and you can’t sit down [afterward] and rewind it 10 times to get the full correction,” center Casey Rabach said. “But for the young guys, it’s good just to hear the verbiage, how stuff comes out of the quarterback’s mouth, calls being made at the line of scrimmage. It’s good just to get some timing with our quarterbacks and wide receivers and just get a feel for the guys around us.”

The 10 rookies in attendance said they found the sessions beneficial because they were introduced to the Redskins’ system. They came away from last week’s workouts looking forward to the next session.

“I can’t wait,” said seventh-round pick Maurice Hurt, a guard out of Florida. “It’s a great experience and as many other times that they have something, I’m going to make it. It’s key for us to be around the older guys and to learn from them.”