One of the things missing from the Redskins players’ informal mini-camps, other than coaches, was the ability to review tape of each session.

Usually, every practice is taped and players and coaches critique it afterward.

This week, quarterback John Beck hired a member of his church to tape the Redskins’ informal workouts. But after reviewing the Day 1 footage, Beck felt that the vantage point wasn’t high enough to provide a clear view of all aspects of Tuesday’s plays.

So before Wednesday’s session, Beck and rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan dragged a stand at the undisclosed facility where the team is practicing onto the middle of the field. Beck’s friend climbed atop it and began taping.

“We’ll see how this works,” Beck said. “Yesterday you could see individual stuff well enough, but 11-on-11 was tough. This should help. It’s better than nothing.”