The Washington Redskins remain in the process of relocating season ticket holders whose seats are among the thousands being removed from the upper end zone area as part of the renovation project that will feature the installation of two party decks in the 400 section of FedEx Field.

Redskins fans with upper level seats on Thursday afternoon received an e-mail from the team informing them that they were eligible for upgrades by purchasing a select number of lower level seats. To do so, the letter said the fans needed to contact the Redskins’ ticket office.

When reached for more information on the letters, Redskins senior vice president Tony Wyllie declined to say how many lower level seats are available, but said the upgrade seats are not among those with obstructed view. Wyllie also said that the letters weren’t entirely related to the stadium renovations.

“This is something we send out every year as part of our relocation process,” Wyllie said. “It’s a select number of seats so we just need to know who wants to upgrade and who doesn’t.”

Fans who don’t want to meet the price increase of the ticket upgrades will be moved to other areas in the 400 level if the renovations claim their seats.

Wyllie said there is no concern that too few fans will apply to move down from the 400 level, thus putting a pinch on the seat removal plans.

“That’s not an issue,” Wyllie said. “Every year we have to turn away people who want to upgrade.”

The Redskins in the last couple of weeks had 3,000 seats removed from one upper deck end zone area, and are in the process of removing several thousand more from the opposite end zone area of the 400 level. Team officials say that the exact number of seats that will be removed from the 91,704-seat stadium is not yet known as they are still meeting with architects to determine the final design of the project. According to the “commercial interior permit” issued by the Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources, the Redskins requested to remove 5,000 seats from each end zone.