If you've been clicking refresh on your Internet browser all day hoping to see the Redskins' roster take shape, it's probably been an excruciating few hours for you. Most of the action in the NFL has taken place behind the scenes, and there has been no flurry of trade announcements or free agency news.

"A lot of teams right are working on undrafted rookies, and they're working on which veterans they want to keep on the roster and which veterans they're going to have to part ways with," free agent Cullen Jenkins said during an NFL Network appearance. "Right now, it seems like a lot of that is taking over most of the negotiating."

Jenkins is considered by many to be among the Redskins' top targets. A big defensive end, he thrived in Green Bay's 3-4 scheme and will provide some team a strong force upfront.

Though no deals will be finalized until Friday evening, teams were allowed to start talking with free agents Tuesday morning.

"There's been a little bit of back and forth going on," Jenkins said. "Obviously, with so many things going on at once, teams have a lot to do, a lot to fit in in a small time."

"I think as you move into later today and into tomorrow, that stuff will start to pick up a little bit more."

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