The Washington Redskins’ linebackers are definitely the deepest unit on the team. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan start on the edges, with Rob Jackson, Chris Wilson and Markus White battling it out for playing time behind them.

On the inside, there’s London Fletcher and Perry Riley, with Lorenzo Alexander doing well in relief of No. 59. Bryan Kehl is solid as well and Keenan Robinson – the fourth-rounder out of Texas – is making strides as he learns the NFL game.

Alexander was on the receiving end of Robert Griffin III’s first interception of training camp Wednesday. It’s hard to say exactly what happened on the play, because there wasn’t a receiver in the area. (That’s not to say that Griffin was wrong. The other day in walk-through, Santana Moss was jogging on his route and never turned around. Griffin threw the ball and nearly hit him in the back of the head. The Redskins huddled and ran the exact same play, and this time Moss turned around.)

But back to Alexander: it was a display of his growing comfort in dropping back into pass coverage. He has looked pretty comfortable, and quicker (thanks to his weight loss), keeping up with tight ends as he runs downfield in pass coverage, though on Wednesday Moss got the better of him on a post route.

Alexander’s ability to transition to inside linebacker will be helpful for a number of reasons. 1.) If Fletcher ever gets hurt, Alexander is capable of stepping in and making all the calls and directing the defense. 2.) Fletcher rarely comes off the field, but the Redskins could give him a breather now and then, which would help keep the 37-year-old fresh, and help him remain effective.

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