The second bit of good news: The second-year left tackle seems convinced he can improve on his rookie season performance.

 "I made a lot of rookie mistakes. Can't blame it on being a rookie no more, obviously," he said Wednesday at Redskins Park. "I feel like if I'm not playing Pro Bowl-like football, I think it'll be a letdown for me and my team."

Williams, the fourth overall pick in 2010, said he met with his fellow linemen and line coach Chris Foerster for about three hours on Wednesday. He knows there's plenty of work that needs to be done.

"I got a whole list of stuff that I got to improve on. [Foerster] said he's going to be helping me one hundred percent. He's going to be on me more than before," Williams said. "I'm just ready to tackle those things."

He took game film home to his Texas, and spent at least part of the offseason studying. He didn't always like what he saw.

"I watched my whole season probably 10-15 times since I left Redskins Park. I was up and down, really not consistent," he said. "I can do a lot better technique. Overall, it was okay. I did okay versus some of the top rushers. But it wasn't up to my standard and what I hold myself to."

"Some games, I could look like a first-round pick and then a play, I look like I'm not even supposed to be out there."

Williams was noticeably absent at the player-organized workouts the past couple of months. He said there was a pretty simple reason he wasn't around.

"I wasn't informed. They had the wrong email address for me," Williams said. "I was notified late."

Still, he doesn't seem to think he missed much.

"Non-padded workouts, that's mainly for skill guys, 7-on-7," he said. "They can get the most work. For a lineman, if you're not doing no contact, it's really not that big of a deal."