The Washington Redskins have free agent punter Ricky Schmitt in for a workout on Thursday to cover their bases.

Punter Sav Rocca has been hobbled by a sprained left ankle this week, an injury he suffered when a defender ran into him during Sunday’s game. He didn’t practice Wednesday, and Schmitt could be an insurance policy in case Rocca isn’t able to play.

The Redskins also are using Schmitt, who hails from Virginia Beach, to help their punt returners prepare for New England’s Zoltan Mesko, who , like Schmitt, is left-footed.

“The ball comes off differently, so it helps them get used to seeing it,” said Schmitt, who played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2009 and was with the San Diego Chargers this past preseason. He didn’t sound as if he expected Washington sign him.

Schmitt, who punted for Shepherd University, said that several other teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, have had him in for workouts the week before they played the Patriots.

“It helps them, and it helps me because it shows on the waiver reports that I worked out for a team. So it shows teams that I’m still out here working out,” Schmitt said. “Keeps my name out there.”

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