When they think about the impact of a lengthy NFL lockout, Washington Redskins linebackers Lorenzo Alexander and Chris Wilson – like every other player in the league -- cringe at the thought of missed games and paychecks. But both also point to the lockout’s trickle-down effect as a matter of serious concern.

Both Alexander and Wilson say they eventually will be fine.They are among the Redskins players who have saved and prepared to weather the storm financially. And defensive end Vonnie Holliday, the Redskins rep to the now dissolved NFL Players Association, said that a fund has been set up so players with financial hardships can apply for assistance.

But the little man will suffer the most, the players say.

“What about all the businesses?” Wilson says. “You’ve got local businessmen and employees that will lose money if games aren’t played. Restaurants and things like that. Stadium workers depend on those jobs.”

Alexander’s said his godmother is one of those stadium workers.

“She’s worked games for the Raiders for years,” Alexander said. “She uses that money for her kids’ school supplies, their sports and extra-curricular activity. You’ve got people wondering, ‘OK, do I need to go get another job?’ The lockout is going to impact people like her. It’s not just a bunch of millionaires. So they need to get this thing taken care of quickly.”