A day after watching his team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers from a locker room television while hooked up to an IV, Redskins backup quarterback Rex Grossman was hospitalized and is expected to spend all of Tuesday there as well while being treated for pneumonia and a fever, coach Mike Shanahan said.

Shanahan on Sunday said that if John Beck had gotten hurt, Grossman would have emerged from the locker room to take over for the team’s new starter. But a day later, the team’s medical team thought he should spend 48 hours in the hospital to help expedite his recovery.

“He’s in there today, we’ll keep him in tomorrow, hopefully have him back Wednesday or Thursday,” Shanahan said of Grossman, who on Sunday had a fever of 103. “With pneumonia and the type of temperature he had, Dr. [Anthony] Casolaro thought it was in the best interest to keep him in the hospital, for obvious reasons, and hopefully he keeps getting better.”

The Redskins haven’t made a roster move to give themselves another quarterback on the 53-man roster, and likely wouldn’t consider doing so until late in the week when Grossman’s status becomes more clear. Practice squad quarterback Jonathan Crompton likely would run the scout team if Grossman was unable to do so Wednesday and/or Thursday.