Last Sunday at Seattle, Rex Grossman had one of the best statistical games of his career. Grossman has played in 49 NFL games. His 26 completions against the Seahawks were the second-most he’d posted in any game. His completion percentage of 74.3 was also the second-highest of his career. And his 314 passing yards were his fourth-best.

“To pull out a victory like that and stop the bleeding, it’s definitely gratifying,” he said Wednesday. “We’re not patting ourselves on the back too much. We’re getting ready for the Jets and we want that feeling again.”

Coming out of a three-game stretch in which the offense averaged fewer than seven points per outing, the Redskins now have scored 24 and 23 points in their past two games. Grossman hopes the offense has turned the corner.

“Any time you’re 4-7, you look back at some of the games that you could have or should have won. A lot of things can change in the course of a season,” he said. “But you look back at those games that we could have and should have won gives us confidence moving on that we are – you are what your record says you are, but we still feel that we’re a talented football team and we can win every week.”

The biggest difference? Washington seems to be doing the things on Sundays they spend every other day of the week thinking about.

“We’ve done pretty well on first down, getting chunk yardage and keeping us out of so many third downs, because third down in this league is tough,” Grossman said. “You’re going to lead the league in 40 percent or something, in that area. To stay out of third down gives you a chance. And when you are in third down, converting obviously is extremely important. But limiting those opportunities to put yourself in those tough situations has allowed us to move the ball well.”