Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan says a quarterback is judged by wins and losses, and by that standard, Rex Grossman enjoyed a good first quarter of the season. But Grossman also acknowledges that there’s plenty of room for improvement -- by him and the entire offense.

“I think we’re right on the cusp of doing a lot of great things,” Grossman said Wednesday. “I know we can take that next step.”

Rex Grossman (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

“I thought I played really well against the Giants. The Cardinals game -- I thought I played pretty good and made the plays at the end of the game to win and played pretty well,” he said. “The Dallas game -- I would’ve liked to have finished better. And St. Louis was better on tape than I thought it would be. Overall, it was good. I can definitely play better. We can play better as an offense. And we are going to play better.”

Grossman and the Redskins take on the Eagles Sunday. The quarterback was asked whether an offensive performance similar to the one Washington exhibited against the Rams would be enough to defeat a talented team such as Philadelphia. Grossman thought it would be enough.

“Obviously, we need to finish,” he said. “Every game’s different. I thought we played well -- good enough to win the game. And that’s all you need. Obviously, we’re in pursuit of that perfect game that we really haven’t had yet. You’re always striving to be perfect.”

On the season, Grossman has a 78.7 passer rating. He’s averaging 247 yards per game and has thrown for six touchdowns. But he’s also committed seven turnovers -- five interceptions and two lost fumbles.