Beating the New York Giants by a pair of touchdowns -- 28-14 -- impressed many who were skeptical about Rex Grossman and the Redskins. Grossman says Washington actually could’ve beaten the Giants by more, saying “I don’t think 42 points is a stretch for that game.”

“We’re in field goal range a couple times, we didn’t get any points,” Grossman said. “But we also finished three drives, too. Those could’ve been field goals.”

Grossman and his teammates hit the practice field Wednesday and their attention has shifted to the Arizona Cardinals, a team no one seems to be taking lightly, even though rookie quarterback Cam Newton threw for 422 yards on them last week.

“They gave up some big plays,” Grossman said. “They’re a good defense. You watch that tape, they didn’t really pick them apart....They had a couple busted coverages. They gave up some huge plays.”

The Panthers had eight plays last Sunday of at least 20 yards -- more than any team except Miami and New England. They had three runs of at least 10 and 17 pass plays that also topped 10 yards.

“We have to play extremely well. It’s a good defense,” Grossman said. “Cam Newton made a bunch of plays, but like I said, he made a bunch of big plays. That’s where most of the yards came from. They held them to not very many rushing yards. So we got to be able to play smart, take care of the football and execute.”