Cam Newton last season surprised people by making an immediate impact as a rookie for the Carolina Panthers, but Robert Griffin III doesn’t think it’s a stretch to expect that he can similar contributions right away for the Washington Redskins.

The key, Griffin says, is a strong work ethic and continuing to do all of the things that has gotten him to this point.

“Cam came in and did a lot of great things early on, but I’ve always felt that if you know how to play football, don’t come to the NFL and act like you’ve never played football before,” Griffin said. “If you learn the offense and do the things you’re supposed to do to be successful, you’ll be all right. This is our job. . . . I’ll take it seriously, it’ll be my first priority outside of family, and I’ll go from there.”

One of the keys to Newton’s success was flexibility on the part of the Panthers, who implemented some of the schemes he ran while at Auburn, to help ease his transition to the NFL.

Griffin said from talking to Mike Shanahan, he will be asked for some input on the Redskins’ playbook.

“From what I received, it wasn’t a ‘Hey Robert, I’m up here, you’re down here.’ It was more of an eye-to-eye type of thing,” Griffin said. “I’ll never look him eye-to-eye because you have to have that level of respect. But he’s definitely going to let me have some input, because they want this to work. I told them, ‘Don’t baby me.’ We’re going to make this work.”