View Photo Gallery: On the day before the NFL draft, Robert Griffin III and other draft prospects participate in an event encourging kids to stay active

NEW YORK -- Robert Griffin III believes that the Indianapolis Colts finalized their plans to draft Andrew Luck first overall after Griffin declined the Colts’ request for a private workout.

Luck has long been touted as the best quarterback in the draft, and the favorite to go to the rebuilding Colts. But Griffin believes he still had a chance to go first overall until a couple of weeks ago.

Griffin and Luck both had impressive Pro Days, but the Colts wanted to host both for private workouts to take final looks at each passer. Luck obliged. Griffin did not.

After Griffin turned the Colts down, the team stopped showing interest in him, he said.

“They offered me a private workout and we refused. I didn’t do any private workouts for anybody,” Griffin said. “After that, I think feelings might’ve been hurt or something like that. I went to D.C. on a visit and [Indianapolis] didn’t offer a visit at all, and so we kind of knew what direction they were going. But Andrew’s their guy. You can’t be mad about that.”

Griffin said he knows that because of how rare it is for two quarterbacks to go first and second overall, comparisons to Luck will always them through the NFL. But Griffin – who beat out Luck for the Heisman Trophy in 2011 – said he hopes both succeed.

“Me and Andrew competed for that first pick when we had no real control of what that is,” Griffin said. “Him going first, me going second isn’t a reflection of who’s better. It’s just a better fit for a team. For the rest of our careers, we’ll be linked. Hopefully we’ll be the greatest link of all time.”

That will take some time, however, Griffin says.

“As of Thursday as of 8 and 8:10 [p.m.], me and Andrew are two of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL,” Griffin said. “There’s Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Eli, I could go on for days – sorry if I didn’t mention you; don’t be mad. They’re great quarterbacks and we’re back at the bottom of the totem pole. Maybe we won’t be the worst, but by no means are we 1-2. We know that we have to compete.”