Washington Redskins' offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan , left, has a word with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III Monday during training camp at Redskins Park. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

“I think it’s going great,” Griffin said following Monday’s practice at Redskins Park. “The more practice you can get, the better it is.”

Griffin had a sharp practice Monday and has put his passing accuracy, in addition to his dazzling running skills, on display in each practice since he tossed some inaccurate throws in Thursday’s opening practice of camp.

“It’s going to be a grind every day,” Griffin said.

He said he feels comfortable with the offense and hasn’t felt overwhelmed by the variety of defensive looks he’s seeing.

“We’re preparing for everything,” Griffin said.

Griffing said the rash of injuries on the Redskins’offensive line aren’t a concern to him. He has run with the ball regularly during training camp practices but said he doesn’t anticipate being put into too many perilous situations during the regular season.

“Coach promised he’s not going to get me killed,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he was forced to carry veteran cornerback DeAngelo Hall’s pads as a rookie ritual. He also expects to be forced to sing in front of the veteran players at some point.