The Washington Redskins on Sunday will have a new starting quarterback when they take on the host Panthers, but Carolina Coach Ron Rivera said the switch won’t throw a wrench into his team’s game planning.

“It’s not very hard. Truthfully, you really don’t prepare for the individual as much as you prepare for what they do offensively,” Rivera said. “… If you sit there trying to worry about who’s going to be the quarterback, guess what, they’re going to do the same things they do with each quarterback. I think John Beck is a bit more of an athlete whereas Rex has a major-league arm. They’re both competitive guys, and they both run the system.”

Beck has only is a limited sampling of his abilities on film. He played in five games for the Miami Dolphins as a rookie in 2007, and appeared in three preseason games last season and three preseason games this year. Then he played two possessions against the Eagles on Sunday.

But Rivera said that he and his staff still will review any film there is on Beck to gain a feel for his tendencies.

“We’ll look at tape just to watch him to see what he does and see what he does best,” the coach said. “Obviously you got to sit there as coaches and say, ‘OK, he may throw a better deep ball, he may like to throw to checkdowns, he may like to scramble to his right or scramble to his left,’ stuff like that. Those are the things we as coaches have to see and tell the players. It’s not the players’ job to sit there and study this kid when he was coming out or when he was a rookie. It’s our job as coaches to give that information to them and for them to see those things. But we’ve got to present it to them.”