The Washington Redskins’ defense has ranked among the NFL’s leaders in sacks this season, but came away from the 34-19 loss to the New York Jets without a single one.

It marked the first time all season that the Redskins – who had averaged three sacks a game -- have not recorded at least one sack.

New York quarterback Mark Sanchez struggled with his accuracy on Sunday, completing only 19 of 32 attempts for 165 yards and a touchdown. But it wasn’t because of the pressure the Redskins applied.

In fact, Washington recorded only one hit on Sanchez, which was credited to defensive end Stephen Bowen. (Kevin Barnes appeared to have a sack on Sanchez, but the officials blew the whistle a split-second earlier to stop the play for a false start).

“That’s one of the big reasons why we lost, especially on defense,” said rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who leads the Redskins’ with 6.5 sacks. “We weren’t able to get any pressure. We got close a couple of times, but we weren’t able to finish the deal. That’s disappointing. They did get rid of the ball quickly sometimes, but still we’ve got to get there as pass-rushers.”

Kerrigan came close to sacking Sanchez, but missed narrowly. At one point in the third quarter, with the Jets backed up to their own 5-yard line, Kerrigan came around behind Sanchez, who had the ball cocked back to throw. Kerrigan reached out to either strip the ball or grab the quarterback. But Sanchez slipped further forward in the pocket and completed a 6-yard pass.

“I thought I had him for sure, and he just kind of wiggled away there. That’s a play I’ve got to make,” Kerrigan said. “I think he was just getting it out quickly and we weren’t getting there as rushers. We weren’t seeing anything that we hadn’t seen on film. … We looked at the numbers coming in and thought we matched up very well. Unfortunately, we didn’t take advantage.”

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