Washington Redskins rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan did not receive a fine for the personal foul that officials flagged him for in Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins, according to a league official.

Early in the second quarter, Kerrigan leveled a hit on Miami’s Dan Thomas as the running back missed a pass from quarterback Matt Moore. The referee announced that Kerrigan was guilty of a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defensless receiver, and the Dolphins received a first down and nine yards were marched off.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Thursday that the right call wasn’t made.

“In my opinion it wasn’t a very good call at all,” Shanahan said of the play. “There was no helmet-to-helmet. I looked at the TV copy and looked at our copy. Sometimes those guys make mistakes. . . . He did not hit him in the helmet, at least from what I saw. Every now and then they’ll have a bad call.”

Judging by the league’s decision not to fine Kerrigan, after the play was reviewed, officials must have agreed.

Kerrigan on Sunday had two sacks and two forced fumbles, which mark a career-best for a single game. He also had six tackles.

Washington’s first-round pick out of Purdue, Kerrigan ranks second on the team with five sacks and also has 41 tackles. His four forced fumbles are tied for first in the NFL.