A hearing in the arbitration case in which the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys are challenging their salary cap reductions by the NFL is underway in Philadelphia.

Stephen Burbank, the sport’s system arbitrator, is hearing arguments by attorneys.

The hearing is closed to the public and media members. It is taking place at the University of Pennsylvania law school. Burbank is a law professor there.

People familiar with the case said this week they thought it was unlikely that Burbank would make a ruling Thursday in the case. This hearing, those people said, was expected to focus primarily on the jurisdictional issue of whether the Redskins and the Cowboys have a right to bring such a case before Burbank after the league and the NFL Players Association agreed to the salary cap cuts, which were assessed in March.

The Redskins were given a $36 million salary cap reduction over two years and the Cowboys were given a $10 million cut over two years. The league found that the teams technically violated no salary cap rules but sought to gain an unfair competitive advantage via the manner in which they structured players’ contracts during the sport’s season without a salary cap in 2010. The Redskins and Cowboys have denied wrongdoing.