Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss said his surgically repaired left hand felt fine after his first practice since breaking it back in Week 7, and he and Coach Mike Shanahansay he likely will play Sunday in Seattle.

“It felt pretty good. I’ve been catching since I got the pins out,” said Moss, whose surgery took place Oct. 24; the pins were taken out last Tuesday. “I’m big on not trying to get everybody too crazy or getting any hopes up too high. I just wanted to go out there and take today, see where I’m at and tomorrow progress even more. But as far running around, catching, it was pretty normal.”

Said Shanahan: “He was full practice today, so I believe he will, unless there was a setback. . . . It feels great to have him back.”

Moss, who through six games had 25 catches for 301 yards and two touchdowns and suffered the injury while trying to break his fall, said that he has worked to maintain the strength in his hand – frequently working a ball of putty or rice balls – since having the cast removed. Since his injury, he also has worked with the team’s strength coaches to maintain his conditioning.

“I’m anxious [to return] just from the standpoint of being on the field and playing ball,” Moss said. “After doing it for so long, you hate to see somebody doing it for you, and then you hate to see us at the time we are right now, us not having success, anything I can do to help, and just to be a presence, I’m looking forward to it.

The Redskins on Sunday had their best offensive output of the season despite Moss’ absence, and he hopes that he can help his teammates continue to improve whether by making catches or drawing coverages.

“I feel like when I’m out there, I get a lot of looks than normal guys,” Moss said. “Not to say there’s something special about me or nothing like that, but guys say, ‘Hey, we’ll take him out the game and let somebody else beat us.’ So if that happens, hopefully it means somebody else is wide open, and if not, maybe I’ll be the guy that’s wide open and they forget about me.”